Our Story

Coming from Argentina and a family of aficionado bakers and  cooks, baking is pretty much in my blood. I’ve always had a huge desire to explore this, other than as a hobby.

After having lived in Melbourne, Australia for six years now, baking became a way to bring all those memories from my native country to life. I felt the urge to share this knowledge and delicious recipes with people on this side of the world. And that’s when, in early February 2019, I started my food blog, En Casa Cooking Space, where I share lots of yumminess inspired in my childhood favourite sweets. You'll find anything from cakes and cookies to tarts and various desserts, and anything delicious in between.

One thing took me to another and, long story short, I started selling alfajores to friends and colleagues.
I have to thank my adorable family and friends for pushing me to pursue this big dream of mine. I like to consider alfajores as my dreams in the shape of a cookie sandwich made with love and dedication.