★ What are alfajores?

Simply explained, think “cookie + dulce de leche + cookie”. They are the Argentinian version of the Australian Tim Tam, the American Ding Dong and Moon Pie, or the French macaron. But way better - no offense! ;)

Alfajores are a very popular snack in Argentina (and many countries in Latin America). They come in various shapes and flavours, some very traditional, others fancier or trendier. Everyone has their favourite, that’s for sure.

★ Do your alfajores come individually packaged?

We carefully heat seal each delicious alfajor in compostable wrappers.

★ How big are your alfajores?

They’re the perfect size for a snack. All our range is around 7 cm, with an individual weight of around 65-70 g or so, depending on which flavour you choose. The Coco Premium Alfajores are a bit lighter, around 50-55 g each.

★ Do your alfajores contain nuts?

Our Premium Alfajores may contain traces of NUTS and PEANUTS.

★ Where are your alfajores made?

Our Premium Alfajores are made in a council-registered kitchen, following all relevant safety and hygiene norms.

★ What’s the best way to store your alfajores?

The best way is to keep them in their original wrapper. You can store them at room temperature for 1 month, in the fridge for 2 months or freeze them for up to 3 months.

★ How long do your alfajores stay fresh for?

We do not use any added preservatives or nasties of any kind. You can expect your alfajores to taste fresh-out-of-our-kitchen delicious for up to four weeks if kept in their packaging and out of the sun. This means that, during that period, they’ll be as delicious as day 1 (or even better).

However, you can still eat them after the Best Before date. We just can’t guarantee they’ll be as fresh and we personally don’t think you’ll resist yourself for that long anyway! :)

To extend the freshness, you can freeze your cookies for up to 3 months.

★ Do you have gluten-free or vegan your alfajores?

For the time being, no. But we’ll be testing these options soon. Make sure to follow me on Instagram or our Newsletter to be updated.

★ Can you add a special message as I’m buying these alfajores as a gift?

Of course! We would love to. Just make sure to mention it on the Special Notes part when checking out and we'll happily add a personal note in your gift.

★ How long does shipping take?

Our Premium Alfajores will be dispatched within 2-3 business days of placing your order. Shipping can take 1-3 working days depending on your location. (Please, consider that during these COVID-19 times, express shipping may not mean the next business day.)

For larger orders, your dispatch date may be a bit longer than 3 business days. But don’t worry. We’ll get in contact with you once your order has been received.

Shipping is also available Australia-wide. For the time being, we don’t do international shipping. That means you have to pay a visit to the wonderful country of Down Under to taste these little pieces of heaven.

★ Why do you only offer Express Post?

We really want you to enjoy our fresh alfajores as soon as we finish them in our kitchen. So we want to ensure you get them in the least time possible, with the least handling.

★ How are your alfajores shipped?

All our Premium Alfajores are heat sealed to ensure freshness in compostable wrappers. They are tightly packed in biodegradable boxes to avoid any damage while they are shipped to you.

Unfortunately, once shipped, we can’t protect them (although we would love to). So if you are not happy with how they have arrived, please contact us immediately so we can do my best to rectify the situation.

★ Can I pick them up myself?

Sure you can! Our Premium Alfajores are available for pick up in Brunswick East VIC only. Make sure to choose the Pick-Up option when checking out and we can sort it out afterwards.

★ Do you accept larger orders for special events, catering or corporate gifts?

Yes! We would love to add a special sweet "Argie" touch to your event. Make sure you contact us ahead of time to see how we can help.

★ Do you sell your alfajores wholesale?

We would love for you to add our Premium Alfajores to your menu. Complete the information in the Wholesale page and we’ll contact you to discuss further details.