We have decided to partner with One Tree Planted in order to give back to our planet. Through our partnership with One Tree Planted, you can plant a tree for only $1 (USD) for each order on our website. It's that simple!

That means that you are helping to make this planet a better place with your order. 

En Casa Cooking Space will send all donations monthly to One Tree Planted, which is a non profit organisation that partners with reforestation organisations in 4 regions around the world: North America, Latin America, Africa, and Asia. 

Working with One Tree Planted allows us offset carbon emissions from shipping your orders all over the globe.

Why trees?

  • AIR: Planting trees pulls harmful pollutants out of the air and releases clean oxygen for us to breathe.
  • WATER: Trees filter water, prevent floods, protect soil, and maintain the earths water cycles.
  • BIODIVERSITY: Forests provide habitat to many animals, birds, insects, fungi, moss and plants.
  • SOCIAL IMPACT: Planting trees provides jobs and food security for many communities.
  • HEALTH: Trees and nature reduce stress, aid in recovery and promote wellbeing.
  • CLIMATE: Trees absorb carbon dioxide & other pollutants, helping to clean air and regulate climate.

More info here.


One Tree Planted is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to restore forest areas destroyed by fire as well as various industries like palm oil. They accept both one time and recurring donation. For just $1, a tree can be planted.

For every purchase you make, you get the chance to help the planet by donating money to One Tree Planted via En Casa Cooking Space. One Tree Planted and their partners are leading a Latin America-wide initiative to restore 1 million hectares of high Andean forest across 6 countries over the next 25 years. As part of the annual tree-planting festival Queuña Raymi, trees will be planted with the guidance of local leaders using ancient Incan traditions, preserving the landscape and Indigenous culture. The tree planting will help restore wetlands, safeguard existing forest, and protect critical Amazon headwaters.

Explore the forest coverage in the Andes here.

The time between our donation and the actual tree planting will vary depending on the region we have chosen and the time of year. Planting usually happens during the rainy season, when the soil provides optimum conditions for tree survival.


Support reforestation by purchasing some alfajores from En Casa Cooking Space HERE.